What does Evolve to Solve mean?

Our thinking, imagination, decisions and actions are a natural fall out of the way we observe and comprehend ourselves, others and the situations we face. As such, to truly solve any complex challenge or opportunity in our life, we must evolve the kind of “observer” we are – thus sparking an evolution in our thinking, imagination, decisions and actions.

Explore for Yourself

There are many access points to shifting the way we observe ourselves, the teams we lead, and the challenges we face; however, these distinctions are most effective when used in combination with one another. To that end, I have put together a collection* of recent articles, podcasts and videos that create an experience of shifting the observer.

I invite you to try on these ideas. Do the practices in each section and assess for yourself the impact of investigating the observer you are.

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  • Five Domains Necessary for Success (Podcast, 30 minutes)
    Ryan Kellogg: Win the War on Talent Podcast
    February 2017

    “What I want a leader to have... is a capacity to shift the way they are seeing a situation such that it is going to bring forth the most effective actions in that situation...because each situation demands something different from a leader.”

    Distinctions: Commitment to cause greater than oneself; Meaning; Belonging; Recognition/Acknowledgement; Autonomy/Guidance Balance; Status / Dignity
  • Cultivating the Warrior Ethos (Video, 58 minutes)
    United States Air Force Academy: National Character & Leadership Symposium

February 2017

“The warrior ethos cannot be pursued as an end in and of itself; rather, it must ensue as the natural consequence of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself.”

(Drawing on Victor Frankl’s insights in “A Man’s Search for Meaning”)

Distinctions: Commitment to cause greater than oneself; Being accountable; Embodiment for action

  • How to Deal with the Victim Mentality in Others (Article)
    Medium.com: Personal Growth
    December 12, 2016

    “If you are going to make a difference with a person who embodies the victim mindset, it is imperative that you realize that such a mindset is not irrational nor illegitimate. If you saw life the same way they did, you would likely be and act similarly.”

    Distinctions: Coaching; Victim mindset; Disadvantage of labels; Validation; Speaking to / listening for commitment; Body positioning; Support and follow-up
  • How to Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones (Article)
    Medium.com: Personal Growth
    October 11, 2016

    “…recurring bad habits cannot be broken by commitment and willpower alone.”

    Distinctions: Alternatives, Short-term focus; Betting on yourself; Process goals; Conscious action; Vulnerable times; Accountibili-buddy; Reward charts; Compelling motives; Repetition
  • Change the Game, and the Game Changes You (Article)
    Medium.com: Personal Growth
    September 15, 2016

    “As a leader, what game will you create that is worthy of the person you have become in life? What could you gain by allowing such a game to change you?”

Distinctions: Illuminating questions; Acceptance; Care; Service; Accountability

Academic Deep Dive

If you are interested in academic articles on creating transformation through shifting the observer, I invite you to explore the below.

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