Does any of this sound familiar? “We know we need to make a culture change, but the 'new culture' doesn’t seem to be sticking!”; “How can I get my team to get on board with me?”; “How do we create a strategy that we can actually implement?”; “We are good… but how do we get to great?”; “We have so many great things happening, but I feel like we still need to all get on the same page with our lines of effort”; “We haven’t been able to effectively integrate our newly acquired team - the technology is integrated, but the people are not.”

> Strategic Alignment

In today’s world, static strategic plans quickly become ancient history, ending up in an electronic ‘file drawer.’ The work we do with teams, is more in the domain of strategic preparation – doing the work to create the condition and space for strategic action in fulfillment of the aligned on future.

In addition to creating the condition for strategic action, we will identify unproductive ways of thinking and operating to shift, create a clear future, develop actionable 1-2 year targets, and leave with clear, tangible action steps for moving into a fresh era.

> Cultural Alignment

We will work together to uncover unproductive moods and assessments about the “way it is around here” in such a way that organizational members will experience being heard and acknowledged. As this happens, responsibility for “the way it is around here” begins to emerge and with that a new commitment for the future.

In addition to creating a new future, we will identify major lines of effort and develop actionable milestones with clear accountabilities.

All organizational alignment sessions include leadership and performance coaching, training and mentorship interwoven in the dialogue and appropriate to what the senior leader team is working on and what challenges arise. These sessions are followed by implementation and execution support which includes some combination of facilitated sessions throughout the year for the senior leader team to ensure they are on the right track, implement and integrate process improvement initiatives, make course corrections, and provide coaching in performance tools for executing the aligned on strategy with precision.

These sessions are highly customized, given the unique commitments, challenges and dynamics each organization encounters. If you would like to inquire into what organizational alignment work could look like for your organization, please click the button below to contact us.


"Kari is the single greatest factor in the transformation of our organization! Her concepts and methods are relevant and highly effective. She helped me and my senior leadership team create possibilities for a future that we had not imagined, and facilitated the implementation of structures to fulfill on those possibilities. In addition, as my trusted leadership adviser and performance coach for the past 7 years, she has greatly expanded my capacity to powerfully engage with the complexities attendant to a global environment. Kari is an impeccable leader among leaders who is passionate about making a transformative difference in the lives of others, and that is exactly what she has done for me and my team."

Col (retired) Joseph Sanders, PhD
Former Permanent Professor and Director
Center for Character and Leadership Development
United States Air Force Academy

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