Like in any athletic endeavor, as your coach, I will support you to accomplish something beyond what you know yourself capable of and to be someone beyond who you know yourself to be. Executive and leadership coaching is a partnership between you and me in service of your greatest commitments in life.

Our coaching begins with the knowing that transformation and remarkable change are possible. In working together, you can accomplish what you have previously taken for granted as out of reach and break through previously impenetrable ways of being and operating in life that have so far been “just the way I am” or “just the way it is.”

“I have a better sense of what is important to me and what I am looking forward to in my career. I liked that my conversations with Kari were a balance of very practical things to work on and bigger picture ideas or themes from my life.”

- Dr. Tai Lockspeiser, Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital Colorado

Coaching outcomes.


While results differ widely from client to client given unique personal goals, commitments and concerns, there are some commonalities between them. Being coached can lead to:

  • A powerful place to stand and interact with the world
  • Achieving your most daring personal and professional goals in life
  • Reaching new levels of competence in your leadership and performance
  • Increased effectiveness and confidence when interacting with others (even the really tough people)
  • New effective actions you never imagined yourself taking
  • Strategic clarity for yourself, your team, initiative or organization
  • Moving into an entirely new direction in life
  • A sense of relief, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • And more...

It is not uncommon for the goals of a coaching engagement to expand as rapidly as the client expands.

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