An executive leadership coach, leadership development educator, and organizational alignment consultant, Kari is also a Fellow of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at United States Air Force Academy where she develops transformative curriculum in the areas of performance, professionalism and leadership.  As a former military officer, Kari led her teams with excellence through a wide range of operational challenges both in garrison and in combat.

When deployed to Iraq in 2005, Kari realized that all of the education she had received about leadership from her military training and academic degrees left her knowledgeable about leadership, but not actually “being” a leader. She knew a leader should be courageous, but that did not give her access to being courageous when experiencing her first mortar attack. Such a profound realization in the “heat of battle” led her down the path to learning what it takes to access and train “being” when developing leadership in oneself and in others. On this quest, she interviewed, collaborated with, and studied with experts around the world in human performance. Now a civilian, Kari uses what she has learned in the fields of ontological design, somatic integration and energetic alignment to support global leaders in making the kind of difference they were born to make.

In addition to her military work, Kari has also worked around the world with several national and international associations, institutions, corporations, organizations and individuals, in fields such as healthcare, government and higher education, supporting leaders in accomplishing their most meaningful work.

As a mother with a strong voice in the world, Kari has a special interest in working with powerful leaders who also have a profound commitment to being there for their family while fulfilling on their personal global purpose.

Kari studied at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, St Petersburg, Russia, is a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Behavioral Sciences, holds an M.A. in Education Leadership from the University of New Mexico, and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach.


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